“Axon”, identity and limitless memory / 08/31/2021, 03.31 am / BigGAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) image training model / Freeform / Limited collection of 100 images and three video artwork

Axon (from Greek ἄξων áxōn, axis) is an algorithm based art project that explores visual patterning evolving through coincidence and imperfection by being in a constant state of renewal and development. Inspired by collective connectivity in human relationships, these movements of sequencing visually represent an abstraction of identity and limitless memory in motion. All creations are a reflection of its creator, and the machine simulates human behavior in its process. The interactive, cooperative nature between humans creates a hive-like dynamic that I am interested in.

Based on these findings, Axon explores human-technology in correlation within the digital realm. This reveals a visual syntax defined by movement at high levels of intensity as the interconnections of a community shift rapidly. My artwork reflects on these collective environments through a collaborative effort. Inspired by the exploration of these research, I share my creative process with artificial intelligence, allowing the spontaneous and flawed to happen without any rules. Through my exclusive approach; an intuitive narrative forms to exist in constant symbiosis with an algorithm.