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About Nero Cosmos

Nero Cosmos is an artist, who invites the viewer to see the world through the eyes of a machine. His work allows him to explore the reciprocal relationship between humans and machines, focusing on ideas of perception and transformation through Artificial Intelligence. Interested in how consciousness changes in digital space and affects daily life, Nero Cosmos uses data collection, machine learning techniques and algorithms through Generative Adversarial Networks to create images and videos in a constant state of metamorphosis. Inspired by the aesthetics of life forms and structures reflected in the digital realm, his artwork combines a large quantity of image and video-based sources.

Due to the training of the Generative Adversarial Networks model, the artist loses temporarily control as the algorithm takes over the creative process. The machine and the artist are intentionally forced to collaborate and exist in constant symbiosis.

Consequently, the unpredictability of artificial intelligence generates results influenced by technology and brain’s constructed reality, breaking the viewer’s perception into a multitude of possibilities. The more images involved, the more spontaneous the results. Through visualizations of these outcomes, Nero Cosmos creates work that mediates between a real and an abstract world, seemingly creating threads of logical patterning in the midst of random and chance.