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Satellite, temporality of existence
Satellite, temporality of existence (video)
Flare, idealism of joy
Apeiron 3, the origin of all things
Orange, hazardous minds

The unpredictability of artificial intelligence generates results influenced by technology and brain-constructed reality, breaking the viewer’s perception into a multitude of possibilities. The more images involved, the more spontaneous the results. The machine and the artist are forced to collaborate and exist in constant symbiosis. Nero Cosmos creates work that mediates between a real and an abstract world, seemingly creating threads of logical patterning in the midst of random and chance.

É sempre oggi, zemblanity
Chaos, mindful mistakes 3
Blue Noise, mindful mistakes 2
Error Awareness, mindfull mistakes
Fantôme, mirroring
Marsonauts, Mars: The Red Mirror exhibiton at ArtScience Museum, Singapore
Collison, lost in confrontation
Echoes, a reflection of the interconnectedness
Monos, aftermath
Netology, perpetual
Recursion, endless paradigm
Campfire, let there be light⁠
Serendipity, expect the unexpected
City, lost in appartments
Redwashing, right wing left wing
Memories, all the past must be transformed
Falling Cloud, you can go nowhere
Rebirth, digital hypostasis
Mirrors, reflection of themselves
Inner Stimuli, hermetic and solipsistic
1980, arcade flashback
Vibes, the others
Over-reliance, machine, tell me, is my life worth living?
Neon Neon, 899999999887
Recurrence, repeat and execute
Urbanization, process of changing
Kabukichō, night walk
Shilly-Shally No 2, I have so much to do that I am going to bed
Shilly-Shally No 3, I have so much to do that I am going to bed
Aberration, time dilation
Signs, physical simulation of the digital
Swarm, collective intelligence
Axon, identity and limitless memory
Interference, echo chambers
Ovarian, ghost in a shell
Earth, Wind and Fire, force majeure version 2.0
Power & Controversy, superpowers
Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds, danger mode system
Absolute Zero, turn into ice
Pinkor, signs
Aurora, a magical journey to our perception
Random Energy, disorder system